There are hundreds of different jobs available to motivated and driven people in the building materials industry. While each position comes with its own set of unique challenges and opportunities, working in the building materials industry can be a fun and rewarding career. Think beyond the retail front desk — here are 10 jobs in the building materials industry that you might not have thought about.

1. Marketing

Marketing managers in the building supply industry have the opportunity to manage both consumer campaigns as well as online and social media campaigns, while also developing point-of-sale promotions and displays. They have the chance to work with various partners and suppliers in the building materials industry, which include some of the biggest brands in the field.

2. Sales

If you love to hustle, working as a building materials salesperson could be what you’re looking for. The best part about working in sales is that every project and customer is unique and they often involve working on creative building and renovation projects. There are many sales positions available in the building materials industry, including consumer sales and working directly with contractors and their teams.

3. Supply Chain Operations

Do you thrive in the world of details and logistics? Supply chain management is a critical part of the building materials industry, and demands a detailed-oriented and strategic mind. Imagine working every day and being empowered to ensure all aspects of supply-chain management run flawlessly.

4. Engineering / Planning

If you’re an engineer or designer, there’s no shortage of opportunities for you to work in the building materials industry. From working on structural planning challenges to helping customers properly plan their renovation projects, your expertise can make a huge difference for your customers — and you have the privilege of seeing your work come to life!

5. Contact Centres

Do you love dealing with people and believe in providing excellent customer service with every interaction? If so, you might excel working as a part of a team at a building supply industry contact centre. Your passion would be put to great use as you work each day to help solve problems for clients, delivering the personal attention and excellent care they deserve.

6. Installer

If you love working with your hands, a career as an installer in the building materials industry might be the right fit for you. Every day will serve as a new challenge as you work in the field on installation projects for clients ranging from flooring installation to major building and renovation projects. The best part? You’re a part of the team of do-ers, and you don’t need to worry about finding the jobs or landing the clients.

7. Merchandising

Love creating great displays? Working as a Merchandiser in the field of building materials could be a satisfying career choice to consider. Merchandisers work directly with vendors to develop campaigns, layouts, and displays to help promote their products at the retail level. If you have a great attention to detail, love working in a challenging and creative environment, and enjoy working on the ground level, you’d be right at home in this position.

8. Human Resources

If you love human dynamics and connection and are looking to put your leadership skills to the test, working in an HR role in the building supply industry could be the exact challenge you’re looking for. From recruiting talent to helping team members realize their true potential as they advance their careers, you’ll have the privilege of building strong relationships with people from diverse backgrounds as you help them on their paths.

9. Innovation / Technology Leader

Does technology make your heart race? If so, working within the building materials industry will ensure you’re at the cutting edge of industry innovation. You could work everyday to ensure the very best technology is being used across an entire company. From point-of-sale technology at store level to the development of robust e-commerce projects — the possibilities are endless.

10. Finance and Accounting

If you’re a numbers geek and love seeing everything line up to the penny, you’re well positioned for a finance-focused career in the building materials industry. You’ll play an essential role in the success of an organization, with work that can span from accounting, vendor-relations, payroll, to working as an analyst.


These 10 careers are just the tip of the iceberg — there are hundreds of positions in the industry for you to explore! Best of all, most offer plenty of opportunity for advancement and growing your career.